Citizens For Responsible Government/Tallahassee

Non-partisan political action group


We are a non-partisan, Political action group, dedicated to learning, educating, discussing and working on issues at all levels of government. We research elected officials and candidates at the local,state and national levels, in an attempt to promote good Conservative elected representatives to ALL elected positions. We support the Constitution of the United States of America, limited government, fiscal responsibility, states rights and individual rights. We do not endorse any candidate or political party. We Do support the "Tea Party Movement, but NOT as a third political party. 

Monthly Meetings


We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Meetings are held at Julie's Place, located at 2901 North Monroe Street (just south of Interstate 10, next to LaQuinta Inn) in Tallahassee, Florida. Please join us and help us "TAKE AMERICA BACK"!

Goals and Objectives/Statement of Purpose/Mission Statement

The members of "Citizens For Responsible

Government/Tallahassee", believe in the

Constitution of the United States of


Our objective is to educate ourselves,

our families, friends and community about

the Constitution and our Founders. We

believe in Fiscal Responsibility, Limited

Government, (at all levels), States Rights

and Individual Rights, Transparency in

Government and Conservative Values. 

Our goal, is to spread the word to our

community friends and would like for

 you to join with us, as we do our part to,

"Take America Back!"

This Is Our Goal.



We, as a Grassroots, Political Action

Group, have the following purpose;

* To keep our members educated and informed

   of local, county, state and Federal government

   and political issues.

* To support and uphold the Constitution of the

   United States of America, as well as, the

   Constitution of the State of Florida,

  “ For a Government of the people, by the people

     and for the people.”

* To hear and consider, ALL opinions regarding

    government and political issues and to help

    inform the public of these issues.

* To be open and involved in regards to these


* To hold ALL elected officials accountable to

   their constituents.

* We will work to restore and enhance

   freedom, constitutional and property rights.

* To reduce taxes, unnecessary regulations, and

   government waste by promoting responsible,

   limited government.



    We believe that “Responsible Government”

   is that system of government envisioned and

   created by the Founding Fathers of our great

   nation. This founding philosophy of government

   is embodied in the Declaration of Independence

   and the United States Constitution, and can be

   summarized by two words:


    Unfortunately, in the history of the world,

  irresponsible governments have been the most

  common. Their trademark has always been the


  Too much government-usually socialist,

  sometimes fascist or dictatorial, but always

  oppressive and cumbersome. The result for

  their citizens; less freedom, more regulation,

  higher taxes, poor economic conditions, and

  a lower standard of living.

    On the other hand, limited, responsible

  government in the United States of America has

  produced the greatest freedom and highest 

  standards of living for its citizens. Today,

  however, our society is in jeopardy. Our

  government, at all levels, is encroaching on our 

  fundamental liberties and if this trend is not

  reversed, the benefits, we have enjoyed as a

  nation for so long, will ultimately vanish. The

  pendulum continues to swing to the left toward

  big government, over-regulation and

  over-taxation, but with concerted action we can 

  cause it to swing back in the direction of limited,

  responsible government.

   THEREFORE; it is our mission, to do

  all in our power, to return this nation to the

  principles and values intended by our Founding

  Fathers. To a government, “Of The People,

  For The People and By The People.”