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Ralph Kern
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So ..... Harrison Schultz is on MS/LSD er NBC (Now Barack's Channel) talking to Al Sharpton, and he is introduced as one of the organizers of the "Occupy Wall Street Movement". Cool. He refers to himself as a "Professional Sociologist" and says that he really dosen't know what they want to replace capitalism with,cause many of the people involved are anarchists and revolutionaries, and "we're trying to get away from all the problems. We don't really want to fix them. It's revolution not reform" He says further that they really don't know what they want to replace capitalism , just something different. sounds like a good beginning for some totalitarianism, a bunch of followers , not sure what they want , except to eat the rich. And then the Hollyweird Millionaires join in with their idiocy.. There's Mr. Alec Baldwin "down with " the protesters except ...didn't he make commercials for Capital One ...oh well he was just foolin'...and Michael Moore (mooring)... suing his production company or something for some extra millions ... oh heck we're gonna need programs here folks. Isn't there someone out there going aroun "PROGRAMS...GET YER PROGRAMS HERE!!!!"

News flash !!! Russia 1917.. Kill the rich kill the rich ... What about the big farmers, kill 'em, the farm is yours, what about the factory owners Kill 'em the factory is yours... OK now who knows how to plant wheat........duh all them dead people ,,, maybe... OK who's gonna run the factory uuuhhh We know how to protest...we're good little followers , now you want us to really make something???? DUH

I am constantly amazed and amused by these "revolutionaries", who demand something different (don't have a clue what) and all our left handed politicians see them as useful idiots.. Why else do you not see Nancy Pelosi on State Run Media almost in tears because these protesters are "terrorists" (Remember the tea party protests No violence no arrests and the only skirmishes were instigated by SEIU, who by the way is one of the sponsers of the "Occupation")

These protesters figure to tax the rich and somehow that magic money will end up in their pocket. Let's look at the "tax the rich" arithmetic. Warren Buffett says that there are about 270,000 households in the U S. I don't know , but I'll accept his number, I'll even go one better , let's say 300,000 just for round numbers. And lets say we can get an extra $100,000.00 from each household (on Average). I don't know what the Pres. has put foreward, but that's a good chunk of change. Now Warren Buffett would probably volunteer a lot more, oh wait he says he pays less than his secretary. Any way, I digress .$100,000.00 X 300,000 households = $30,000,000,000.00 That's 30 Billion dollars annually, so if we extend that out 100 years, it's 3 trillion dollars after 100 years and our annual short fall is about 1.5 to 2 trillion bucks. Hey ,I guess this is just the ticket , and then at the end of 100 years when we're 170 trillion in debt to China or India or Slombova or wherever, we can start to worry then about spending too much. Of course by then I'm sure the COWBOY POETRY CONVENTION in nevada will be paying it's own freight.

Let us look at who is backing these protests: There's George Soros (billionaire ,who I've Heard, admits he has purposly brought down at least two national monetary systems); S.E.I.U. (labor union who wants to do away with all right to work laws and dosen't believe in secret ballots) ; Communist Party U.S.A.( whose basic purpose, I seem to remember reading, is the destruction of the United States);and of course the Teamsters( whose boss says he wants to "take out" the Tea Party cause ,you know , those bums want us to follow the constitution ,and stuff.)

So we have a bunch of people who want to destroy the United States and replace it with......"something different, we don't know what" but mob rule is going to be soooo much better.

For me ,Im buying lots and lots of 50 lb. bags of navy beans and rice and limas and bullets and pintos and fence and bullets and I'm gonna keep my head down, cause I own some land ,so I guess Obama will eventually redifine millionaires to be anybody with property,and then "they"will be after me,,....oh yeah...Agenda 21... they're already after me. I'm feedin' my dogs raw meat, and have tolfd them it's okay to eat anyone who says they're from the EPA or Energy Dept. Back to the old days of makin' our own "etanol", yeah, that's it , burn your food supply.

Ther's just too much to worry about folks, so all we can do is keep on keepin' on.

Over and out




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